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From YouTube: Acquisitions Special Interest Group - 3/16/21


Chat logs:
00:24:57 jcoughlin: Can you show how the final marc overlays the order record?
00:25:28 jcoughlin: thanks
00:28:00 yuyan: can the people don't speak mute themselves please?
00:33:49 yuyan: can you please also show me your ACQ import template at the end so that I can see what it looks like?
00:39:29 yuyan: wonderful! thank you very much for the demo. Yan
00:45:37 yuyan: So you receive order record and bibliographical record separately; you first import order record with brief bibliographical description and then overlaid with full Marc record for bibliographical record, right ?
00:46:01 jcoughlin: how do get the items to overlay the order items?
00:46:19 Cecil Hillyard: whats the difference between isbn loose and isbn strict?
00:49:53 yuyan: to overlay, you will use match rules and also Marc Modification template to get rid of the 245 filed says ON ORDER, right?
00:50:23 Cecil Hillyard: what does the matching rule look like on the isbns?
00:51:56 jcoughlin: yes
00:53:56 yuyan: excellent paraphrase of my question, Margaret. and thank you, Ronda for the answer. You are awesome!
00:56:05 Cecil Hillyard: yes!
00:58:45 Barbara Johnson: I'd be interested in seeing EDI receiving - maybe in a future meeting?
00:58:48 jcoughlin: Thanks every one for the demo!!
01:01:37 jcoughlin: Cn you demo receiving with various vendors in the next meeting so we have more time?
01:01:53 yuyan: that will be great to see how you receive and add invoice at future meeting
01:03:54 Barbara Johnson: great demo - thanks
01:04:06 Jennifer Marlatt: Thank you!
01:04:13 Arlene Means: Thank you!