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From YouTube: Cataloging Special Interest Group - 3/5/2020


Chat Log:
07:31:12 From Heather Hernandez : Hi! We'll start at the top of the hour. The session will be recorded & the group chat saved. Please feel free to unmute yourself, start your video, and chime in! Today's topic: Advanced bib editor/"Rancor."
08:01:25 From Caroline Cyr La Rose : +1
08:01:29 From Myka Kennedy Stephens : sounds good, Heather!
08:01:30 From Elena : I can hear well
08:01:31 From John : Sounds good here!
08:03:40 From arattler : Apologies! I missed how you got to where you are.
08:05:06 From arattler : Thank you!
08:05:18 From Michael (CKLS) : Note that you can only use the advanced editor if it is enabled in system settings
08:05:31 From Fred King : From me as well--we lost network access for a couple of minutes.
08:05:47 From Jennifer Howard : your share didn't switch back to the correct window I don't think?
08:06:03 From Jennifer Howard : thumbs up!
08:07:10 From John : Subfield a must be explicitly stated, yes?
08:07:36 From John : Thank you!
08:07:36 From Fred King : How are you getting the field tag symbol?
08:09:00 From Todd : Hey everyone if you’re not speaking will you please MUTE!
08:10:08 From Fred King : Did you mean a 588 field?
08:11:43 From Jennifer Howard : does Save to Catalog make it a searchable bib (in the OPAC)? Is there a way to save as draft?
08:11:50 From Fred King : Thanks--I'm not a real cataloger so I'm easily confused. :-)
08:14:23 From Abbey Holt : I like that trick! I hate switching back and forth each time.
08:16:18 From Caroline Cyr La Rose : I notice 942$2 is a drop-down menu, can you put a drop-down in any field?
08:16:46 From Caroline Cyr La Rose : No worries :)
08:17:28 From Amber B : I always check subject headings in basic editor. It’d be great if we could do it from the advanced editor.
08:18:01 From margaret.brown : Tell me again--how did you check the subject headings?
08:20:22 From marieluce : the locked field may be due to a system preference called BiblioAddsAuthorities
08:20:51 From L1COOPER : do you need an authority control system in order to check it in Koha?
08:25:01 From Fred King : How easy is it to merge authority records--let's say I have Rubin, William; Rubin, Billy; Rubin, W James--and they're all the same person.
08:31:26 From Fred King : Thanks! Is it possible to display the record number (for all the records) on the screen? That sounds like it might be useful.
08:31:48 From Caroline Cyr La Rose : I don't think it's possible Fred
08:31:52 From Fred King : Enhancement request!
08:33:57 From margaret.brown : We can 't do macros in Firefox--but they work fine in Chrome.
08:34:51 From margaret.brown : Sometimes my macros land in the wrong place.
08:35:39 From Jason Robb : Macros page on the wiki:
08:37:16 From Barbara Johnson : FYI - bug 17268 addresses retaining macros when browser is cleared.
08:41:12 From marcia.butler : I haven't used MARCEdit connected to our Koha yet. Can I run a vendor file through MARCEdit and update and save directly into Koha?
08:42:01 From Fred King : Yes.
08:42:21 From marcia.butler : I will have to try our next Playaway file
08:44:34 From marcia.butler : okay
08:45:13 From Caroline Cyr La Rose : You can also make batch changes at the staging step with MARC modification
08:46:06 From Caroline Cyr La Rose : (I love that tool lol!)
08:46:57 From Fred King : (happy dance)
08:51:47 From Caroline Cyr La Rose : +1
08:51:50 From arattler : I've been working on becoming more familiar with MarcEdit, so this would be an awesome topic to cover!
08:53:15 From marcia.butler : We are using just Z39.50 here would like to hear.
08:54:05 From Fred King : Yes!!
08:54:22 From Myka Kennedy Stephens : woot!
08:55:44 From arattler : How quickly will this recording be available?
08:56:12 From Fred King : "get the champagne out of the bottle" --James Billington, Librarian of Congress
08:56:14 From L1COOPER : Thank you so much
08:56:16 From arattler : OK. Thank you!
08:56:26 From marcia.butler : lost sound
08:56:35 From arattler : This has been so great. I've already learned so much.
08:56:40 From hthai : Thank you so much
08:56:46 From Fred King : He said it as a federal employee, so I can setel it freely.
08:56:54 From marieluce : thank you!
08:56:59 From John : Thank you!
08:57:00 From Caroline Cyr La Rose : Thanks Heather! It was very interesting!
08:57:07 From Fred King : Thank you!!
08:57:20 From margaret.brown : This has been great! Thanks!
08:57:32 From Myka Kennedy Stephens : Thank you!
08:57:41 From marieluce : cheers
08:58:01 From Rhonda Alderman : Thanks!