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From YouTube: Cataloging Special Interest Group - 11/3/2022


01:04:04 Heather (she/her):
01:06:23 Jason - SEKLS:
01:12:20 Heather (she/her): Quality control area of the Report Wiki:
01:15:49 Heather (she/her): OCLC Bib Formats and Standards:
01:16:35 Jason - SEKLS: Pub date/008 mismatches report -
01:16:48 Heather (she/her):
01:25:16 Fred King: "I got the Alan Lomax ain't been by to record me yet blues."
01:27:04 Heather (she/her): Audio CD in our catalog:
01:27:41 Heather (she/her): Some recent RDA records in our catalog, including cartographic:
01:32:09 Heather (she/her): MARC21 format 024:
01:33:38 Heather (she/her): Item record call number field = 952 subfield o
01:37:13 Jason - SEKLS: Monday minutes on Marc Modification Templates:
01:39:04 Heather (she/her): Information on our Cataloging SIG email list is here: the "Join mailing list" link takes you to the Google Group, and joining and posting to that is a great way to reach people who can't make it to the meetings:
01:42:52 Heather (she/her): Bywater Solutions' 22.05 Upgrade Hub website, free to all:
01:45:12 Heather (she/her):
01:46:26 Heather (she/her):
01:47:42 Heather (she/her): Koha Community newsletters here:
01:48:26 Heather (she/her):
01:54:24 Heather (she/her):
01:55:05 Heather (she/her):
01:56:21 Heather (she/her): The 035 field, System Control Numbers
01:58:21 Jason - SEKLS: Other-control-number
02:02:55 Heather (she/her): MARC21 title, 245 field, indicators that are really influential for title sorting: