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From YouTube: Consortia Special Interest Group - 8/24/2020


Chat logs:
00:23:21 Jason Robb, SEKLS:
00:23:23 Jason Robb, SEKLS:
00:33:41 Jason Robb, SEKLS:
00:36:14 Joe Sikowitz:
00:40:18 Christopher: I have one.
00:42:59 Christopher: Why does Koha's transport cost matrix not block transfers to branches even when a branch is "disabled" in the matrix? We needed to use the Library Transfer Limits
00:43:41 Christopher: oh, okay
00:44:20 Christopher: And it works for you Jason?
00:46:03 Christopher: Even with branches were disabled in the matrix, holds for disparate branches could still be placed :-/
00:50:09 Jason Robb, SEKLS:
00:50:12 Jason Robb, SEKLS:
00:52:55 Jason Robb, SEKLS: //Pre-select logged in library when the phrase Choose Library is used for a parameter$(document).ready(function() { var libcode = $('#logged-in-info-full .logged-in-branch-code').text(); $('#rep_guided_reports_start #sql_params_ChooseLibrary option').filter(function() { return this.value == libcode; }).prop("selected", true);});
00:57:52 Christopher: 10:00 am Mountain Time?