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From YouTube: Consortia Special Interest Group - 5/12/2022


00:21:05 George - NEKLS: Yes, different George.
00:29:44 Jason (SEKLS): OpacAddMastheadLibraryPulldown
00:31:37 Jason (SEKLS): OpacSeparateHoldings OpacSeparateHoldingsBranch SeparateHoldings SeparateHoldingsBranch
00:32:43 George - NEKLS: Record grouping is awesome
00:37:04 Michael Adamyk (CKLS):
00:39:13 Lauren Denny: is a link to our catalog in koha
00:41:06 George - NEKLS: I don't exactly write it "for you." I write stuff for me and I'm happy to share.
00:41:51 George - NEKLS:
00:42:13 Michael Adamyk (CKLS): Here's a link to the jQuery library:
00:44:25 Jason (SEKLS):
01:02:41 Nelson Fredsell: : HowTo videos, will produce new ones for a reasonable price. Pakistan